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Google, Google, Google!!!

Before BIT 330, I will admit that I was a typical user of the internet and always went to Google to search for information. I thought, "If I can't find it on Google, it must not be out there." Well, I was right on the aspect that Google search engine contains A LOT of information, but I did not realize that there was the whole other realm of the internet that people call the deep web.

The "Invisible" Google Doesn't See

What Google search engine doesn't see is over 100 billion documents that compose the deep web, including real time documents, proprietary sites with passwords, query-able data, and more. Many of these things I would have found very useful in my searches through Google. So the next step on my discovering of the deep web was to look through the sites used in class that search the deep web and see what is out there. A couple of the main sites we used were Scirus, Google Scholar, BNET, and Turbo 10. WAIT…Google Scholar? Maybe I can still have my faith in Google…

Google Scholar?

Wow. After learning of some of the flaws of Google Scholar, my faith in Google dropped even further. Yes, the advantages of it such as connecting to school libraries and indexing the full text of articles are very useful. However, my ten-year-old cousin could do better math than it. Okay, well technically the search engine doesn't do math, but in the realm of common sense it fails. When I used its seach box to find google it found 12 million results. When I searched for scholar it found about 4.84 million results. Now from first grade math we know that a search for scholar OR google should retrieve around 16.84 million results. Wrong. The search found only about 5.93 million results. How this works? I have no idea. But I do know that it is not right. Now don't get me wrong, the search results that it did find were useful and good, and no one in their right mind would look past the first 100 or so if they were really ambitious, but its just the point. Professor Moore made a good point in class that Google Scholar should be used like we use Wikipedia, as a starting point to base our research off of, but not as a main source.

Anti-Google, Pro-Deep Web Sources

Below are a few other deep web search engines that I feel are better than Google Scholar, not to mention far surpass the capabilities of my old go-to site Google Search Engine:

  • Turbo 10 —> General deep web search
  • Scirus —> Specilizes in deep web searches of scientific information
  • BNET —> Specializes in deep web searches for business information
yo.gif logo.gif logo_bnet_88x107.gif

Next time I need to find reliable and credible information on a topic, especially for a school project or paper, I will definately visit these sites instead of the boring old Google search engine!!

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