Below is a brief evaluation on each of the RSS feeds in my blogroll:

Blogs and Sites

  • Name: Download Squad
  • Access: (RSS Feed:
  • Frequency: About twice a week
  • Information: Download Squad is a blog about social software. Therefore, the RSS feed provides a scope that is a bit wider than social networking. However, I found most of the entries to be very useful. The blogs all related to technology related news and information, which is very useful considering general news sites often come up with results related to crime and studies using social networking sites as well
  • Query: Browsed through the list of RSS feeds and clicked on Social Software
  • Evaluation: 8
  • Name: Mahalo: Social Networking
  • Access: (RSS Feed Page:
  • Frequency: About twice a week
  • Information: Includes everything from a description of social networking and what social networking sites do, to pages about social networking, news and blog links. It is everything composed in one, easy to navigate site.
  • Query: Social Networking
  • Evaluation: 9
  • Miscellaneous: I suggest this be the first page you go to if you don't know anything about social networking, and then navigate to sites with more specific information later. There are also pages related to the main players MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Name: Mashable
  • Access: (to set up RSS Feed:
  • Frequency: Once a day
  • Information: Mashable includes blogs about social networking and social software. All of the news and blog topics that I found in various other places were almost always on here too.
  • Query: General RSS feed for the website
  • Evaluation: 10
  • Miscellaneous: If you only had time to visit one place to get updates on the social networking industry, this is the site to go to. I found it to be the most useful site or search tool throughout my entire project.
  • Name:
  • Access: (RSS Feed:
  • Frequency: About once a month
  • Information: Plasticbag is a weblog about future media and social software. It is more of a summary of where social networking is going rather than blogs about recent develops.
  • Query: General RSS feed for the website
  • Evaluation: 3
  • Name: Socialmedian : Popular Stories in Social Networking News Network
  • Access:
  • Frequency: About every day
  • Information: It contains blogs from a variety of users and other websites and sorts them by topic. My RSS Feed only shows ones in the social networking news network. Most of them are bloggers opinions on new developments however contain good information about that topic.
  • Query: Search News Networks for Social Networking
  • Evaluation: 6
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