Search Tools

Here you can find evaluations on search tools that I used to gather information about social networking. They are sorted by source type and then evaluated using the following format:

  • Name: The name of the service or resource
  • Access: How a person accesses the service. For an RSS feed, you would want to list the Web page where you found the RSS feed (maybe it's the page that lists all of the Web site's RSS feeds) as well as the <span class="caps">RSS</span> feed itself. For a Web resource, you would just want to list the URL.
  • Frequency: For example, how often did you have the email alert sent, or how often did the RSS feed have new information, or how often was it necessary or useful to access the Web resource?
  • Information: The type of information this resource provided for you. If it would be useful, you might show what typical results look like or list 5-10 typical items that the query would return. (Again, only list this information if it would be useful.)
  • Query: The way that you got the resource to give you the information that you wanted.
  • Evaluation: How useful this Web site was compared to all of the other resources. Use a 10 (high) to 1 (low) scale where 5 means it was of average usefulness compared to other resources that you tried out this semester.
  • Miscellaneous: Discuss anything here that you feel would be of interest related to this resource.
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