Tips and Tutorial

What should you do if…

You don't know anything about social networking or want background information about the industry?

You don't know what the different social networking sites offer?

  • Visit each of the main players pages for a brief description of each

You only have time to visit one site to keep updated on the social networking industry?

You want get an idea of what types of things main players Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn, are doing?

  • See the timelines on each of the pages for the main players, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn
  • See the cumulative timeline to compare the the main players and what they are doing here

You would like a list of the usefulness of different search tools in finding information in the social networking industry?

You want to find new sites that appear about social networking (which weren't available when I made this wiki)?

  • Search just basic search engines for "social networking" such as Google and Yahoo
  • Search the tag-based site I evaluated here for tags such as [social networking] and [news] or the main players I researched.

You are looking for more info on a specific news topic?

  • Use this custom search engine:

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